Ensil Technical Services Inc's. unique technological capabilities can be your partner to solve many of these engineering and technological problems. We have the required resources to repair, rework, refurbish, modify or re-design and prototype many of these devices and assemblies such as:

Navy Radar Systems, Missile Fire Control Radar, SPS-49 Radar, APG-65 Multimode Radars, Submarine Sonar, Firefinder, Tactical Communications Radios, SATCOM, SINCGARS, DMSMS, Telemetry, Fire Control, AN/APX, TPS, Sentinel, AEWS, FOF, UPX, LRU, ECM, Amplifier, Transmitter, Receiver, Exciter, Interrogator, Waveguide, Magnetron, Coupler, GPS, Duplexer, Multiplexer, Demodulator, Matrix Assembly, Monopulse Beam Control, Oscillator, Infrared Seeker, Phalanx, Flight Line Test Sets, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponders, AAQ-15/17 FLIR System, SLQ-32 EW, APQ-122, ALQ-119A Jamming, DSM-162 Sea Sparrow Missile Test Set and more.

Vision Statement:
To excel for a distinct technological edge for the North American defence industry.

Mission Statement:
To be a technology
solution provider for
an effective materiel
management for
dominance of the U.S.
and Allied Forces.